September 05, 2013

Reception 6:00 to 8:00pm


Tomoko Konoike’s exhibition "Earthshine" includes sculpture, drawings, an animation, and a painted “byobu”, a traditional Japanese papered folding screen, believed in ancient times to protect people against invisible threats from other realms. Frequently using her own likeness, Tomoko invites viewers into her own idiosyncratic world, conceived of as an “auto-cosm”, a dreamy internal dimension that accesses transcendental myths and perhaps the collective unconscious. At turns adorable, treacherous, and sublime, her imagery depicts irrational narratives of transformation that blur the distinctions between humans, animals, objects, and the landscape itself. Wolves, now extinct in her native Japan, figure prominently in many works, rendered with a technical skill and beauty that belies their innate capacity for violence. Recent works also respond to Japan’s March 11 disaster, exploring themes of development, death, and decay. This is Tomoko’s first exhibition with Gallery Wendi Norris.