Firelei Báez: Bloodlines

The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
February 17- May 21, 2017

Ana Teresa Fernández | Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place

Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO
February 19- October 2, 2017

20 Artists for the Trump Era

January 19, 2017 

Up Close 2016: San Francisco

Kevin Killian, Art In America
December 16, 2016

Vienna's Galerie Krinzinger at 3rd Kochi- Muziris Biennale

Jay Akumarr, Bloin Art Info
December 12, 2016

Firelei Báez: Black Pulp!

Holland Cotter, New York Times
October 11, 2016

Christine Elfman: Even Amaranth at Gallery Wendi Norris

Glen Helfand, Photogragh Magazine 
August, 2016

Impermanence and Myth, Made from Flowers

Rebecca Robertson, PDN 
August 18, 2016

Women to Watch

Lakshmi Sarah, KQED 
July 19, 2016

Review: Yorgo Alexopoulos: Bryce Wolkowitz

Donald Kuspit, Artforum 
June 1, 2016 

Faculty Spotlight

Laura Kenney, CCA 
May 25, 2016 


Yorgo Alexopoulos: Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

Heidi Harrington-Johnson, Artforum
May 27, 2016


Yorgo Alexopoulos- Isabel Lewis Offers Immensive at Dia Art Foundation

Robin Pogrebin, The NeNearly Almostw York Times
March 30, 2016

Erasing the Border

Alan Taylor, The Atlantic 
April 12, 2016 

These Artists Tried 'Erasing' Parts of The U.S.- Mexico Border Fence

Chris McGonigal, Huffington Politics
April 11, 2016 

A Borrar Fronteras

Paola Gamboa, Norte Digital
April 10, 2016

Painting Away the Border

Sandy Huffaker, Reuter
April 9 , 2016

Ana Teresa Fernández: Beneath the Surface

Very Nearly Almost
March, 2016 

Firelei Báez: New Establishment

Charlotte Jansen, Elephant
March 2016 




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