Ranu Mukherjee

Ranu Mukherjee

Ghosts and spirits of the sky and the earth eat this gem and accept it as a rit, 2016, Ink, pigment and c-print on paper, 54 x 63 inches (137.2 x 160 cm)





The oeuvre of Ranu Mukherjee (born 1966 in Newton, Massachusetts) comprises video works, ink paintings on paper, printed and painted silk wall hangings, and collaborative sound projects. Her work traces the figure of the nomad throughout collages of Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures and mythologies, and it juxtaposes them with artifacts of the Western world, from old Hollywood to remnants of British colonialism. Her work presents encounters with creolization, ecology, science-fiction and the unknown. Mukherjee explores narrative excess by drawing links between present day global capitalism and traditions of cultural stereotypes still residual in our collective psyche.

Mukherjee’s solo exhibitions include a three channel video installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; an iterative three part solo exhibition at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco; Telling Fortunes at the San Jose Museum of Art, California; and Gallery Wendi Norris has hosted two solo shows with the artist, in 2013 and in 2011. Her work has been shown in group exhibitions, including at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, the Dana Galleries at Rutgers University, San Francisco State University Gallery and it has been collected by the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco; the Oakland Museum of California, the Kadist Foundation, San Francisco; the San Jose Museum of Art, California; the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation, New York.

Mukherjee co-created Orphan Drift, an artist collaboration making combined media works, in London in the 1990’s. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and screenings internationally including in London, Oslo, Berlin, Oberhausen, Glasgow, Istanbul, Vancouver, Santiago, Capetown, and the Bay Area

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