Raveling Relic, Eric Siemens

Raveling Relic, Eric Siemens


Eric Siemens
Raveling Relic
September 6 to October, 2018

Gallery Wendi Norris is pleased to announce the exhibition, Raveling Relic featuring thirteen new paintings by Eric Siemens in his first solo show with the gallery. Formerly represented by Gallery Wendi Norris as part of the collaborative artist duo Kate Eric, Siemens returns after a five-year hiatus to present this innovative body of work, including a large-scale twelve-foot wide canvas. Raveling Relic represents a long journey of return to painting, exploring how one navigates through uncertain terrain. The exhibition opens September 6 and remains on view through October 2018.

Raveling Relic is an untangling of revered images and ideas stowed in the artist’s mind. Currently residing in Camogli, a small fishing village on the coast of Italy, Siemens pulls from a pre-existing nautical language to aid his conceptual navigation. His lexicon originates from old world cartographic charts, specifically Portolan Charts or Ex-voto paintings, which operate as historical anchors.

The paintings feature beautiful, elusive landscapes with abstract backgrounds that leave the viewer disoriented, yet awestruck. Scenes range from apparitional figures that flit against the thick, impasto foreground to sharp landmasses that dissipate and reemerge at different angles. The work harkens back to fifteenth century shipwreck paintings but uses surreal color palettes and expressive washes of acrylic paint, simultaneously venerating and questioning the veracity of these artistic paradigms.