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Julio César Morales | Forever Now!

May 2 — June 29, 2013


San Francisco — Gallery Wendi Norris is pleased to announce Forever Now! an exhibition of interdisciplinary works by conceptual artist, Julio César Morales, which will examine ideas of boundaries, barriers and limits through installations, sculptures, works on paper, photography, and video.

Investigating the productive friction that occurs in trans-cultural territories, the works in Forever Now! are based on a story from the 1990’s, in which two brothers crossed the Sonora Desert from Mexico into Arizona. Lost and out of water, they are left only with two bottles of tequila meant as a gift for relatives waiting in the US. The brothers later decided to split up and find help, and one made it to a Circle K convenience store, while the other was later found dead with an empty bottle of tequila.

Morales’ experimental video reenactment tells this story through the eyes of the surviving brother, with video footage shot in the actual location of this tragic event. Other works in a variety of media unpack the complex implications of such urban legends, and address issues of migration, informal economy, and labor on both personal and global scales. Forever Now! also incorporates a wide range of photography from photograms made from residual objects of immigrants crossing the border to medium format landscape photography. A light sculpture will also be featured in the exhibition that is made out of neon and acrylic materials.