Leonora Carrington | The Story of the Last Egg
Yamini Nayar | If stone could give
Ana Teresa Fernández | Of Bodies and Borders
Broken Lines | Julio César Morales, Yamini Nayar, Miguel Angel Ríos, Eva Schlegel, and Peter Young
Eric Siemens | Raveling Relic
Val Britton | The Shape of Change
Julio César Morales | This World Is Not For You
Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons | If I Were A Poet
Threads of Memory | One Thousand Way of Saying Goodbye
Yorgo Alexopoulos | Drifting on a Memory
(ism) | 80 Years of Nonconformity
Ranu Mukherjee | Shadowtime
Seeking Civilization | Art and Cartography
Eva Schlegel | Subverting Solidity
Marcel Jean | Stellar Games
Michael Fliri | Becomings
Peter Young | Ellipse Paintings
Christine Elfman | Even Amaranth
Miguel Angel Ríos | A Trilogy
Val Britton | Transmissions
Ana Teresa Fernández | Erasure
Firelei Báez | Trust Memory Over History
Julio César Morales | Emotional Violence
Chitra Ganesh | Protest Fantasies
Chris Fraser | Animated
Group Hang
Science in Surrealism
Yorgo Alexopoulos | Clouds
Tomokazu Matsuyama | Come With Me
The Return to Reason
Helen Rebekah Garber | Numbers
Eva Schlegel | Solo Exhibition
Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy | Architects of Destruction
Nicolas Lobo | D.O.W.
Christine Elfman | Fix and Fade
Val Britton | Passage
Simone Leigh | Code Switch
Ana Teresa Fernandez | Foreign Bodies
Leonora Carrington | The Celtic Surrealist
Wolfgang Paalen | Philosopher of the Possible
Ranu Mukherjee | Apparitions
Laurel Roth | Flight of the Dodo
Journey Forth | contemporary landscape between technology and tradition
Julio César Morales | Forever Now!
Kelly Barrie | Parallel Play
Amir H. Fallah | The Collected
Dorothea Tanning | Unknown but Knowable States
Chitra Ganesh | Flickering Myths
Stellar Orbits |  Lovers and Intellectuals Among Surrealists and Their Peers
Tomokazu Matsuyama | The Future is Always Bright
Jagannath Panda | Cults of Serendipity
Sherin Guirguis | Duwamah
Remedios Varo | Indelible Fables
Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro | Par Avion
Kate Eric | Never Even
Keegan McHargue | Natural
Ranu Mukherjee | Absorption into the Nomadic and Luminous
Julio César Morales | Contrabando
PANGEA | Art at the Forefront of Cultural Convergence
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