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PANGEA | Art at the Forefront of Cultural Convergence

February 26 — March 26, 2011


San Fracancisco — PANGEA: Art at the Forefront of Cultural Convergence marks the inaugural Contemporary exhibition in Frey Norris’ new Jessie Street galleries. Eight artists have made paintings, works on paper, sculpture and videos specifically for this debut, designed to highlight the versatility and sightlines of the Gensler-designed space. Contributing artists are Rina Banerjee, Lionel Bawden, Zhong Biao, Sherin Guirguis, Dana Harel, Kate Eric, Ranu Mukherjee and Laurel Roth. Their art embodies the rapidly evolving and dissolving boundaries that distinguish artists’ interests and approaches across countries, cultures and continents. The similarities between different artworks reflect the rapid dissemination and assimilation of ideas that virally pass around the world on a daily basis, both as popular and as so called “high” culture. They also reveal a deliberate trans-cultural Frey Norris sensibility around the selection of artists and curation of exhibitions. Alternate histories, non-western mythologies and uncommon memes prevail in a fresh and expanded Frey Norris roster. These artists, and world citizens, embody and explore the dissolution of cultural boundaries, while in some cases celebrating and mining their own cultural and intellectual inheritance. Pangea celebrates the new Frey Norris space on Jessie Street and gives audiences a sampling of what to expect in the years to come.